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Pet Drops

Pet Drops

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Our line of pet drops is crafted with ultra-premium, all-natural organic ingredients to help your dog live well naturally. Our products have been specially formulated for your dog’s size, diet and need and designed for daily use.

Featuring Veterinarian Approved Formulations:

  • Holistic all-natural approach with calming, mobility and immunity benefits
  • A Taste of France | Organically grown in Prospect, Maine, USA, from one single source with full transparency
  • Crafted by our partner Prospect Farms, NASC member
  • Hydrocarbon extraction to retain all natural benefits
  • Formulated with Full-Spectrum Extract supported by a high polyphenol ultra-premium Olive Oil as the carrier oil
    • 1. Promotes calming effects and general well-being
    • 2. Ultra premium Olive Oil is high in polyphenols, which are antioxidants
  • Designed for daily use | 30-day supply
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